Théo Saffroy



I work both for the press and for brands.

I consider myself as a documentary photographer. My approach is centered on the human. I photograph the "real" to document isolated and singular ways of life, and in this sense, I wish to propose a positive and inclusive look on our Society. I am particularly fascinated by the link that people have with their traditions and through this, the notions of identity and memory.

My photographic writing is defined by a rather pictorial style, offbeat (as much as possible!) and rich in colors;
I am part of the humanist photography trend and am undeniably inspired by the aesthetics of New York street-photography.

In 2020, Iwent to Kyrgyzstan to meet the horsemen of Kok Boru in the high steppes of Naryn (Kok Boru, Steppes by Step). Then I shared the daily life of a cameldriver in the snowy mountains of the Tian Shan (Camel Shepherd). At the end of the year, in France, I participated in the Normandy Beach Race, a 200-meter long sand race, where drivers from all over the world come to compete one-on-one with vehicles from before 1947.

In 2021, my subjects are closer to the themes of Sport & Engagement. The Man with the Golden Arm is the portrait of Arnaud Assoumani, French legend of theParalympic long jump, multi-medalist, and entrepreneur committed to changingthe way people look at disability and difference; Enzo Lefort, Athlete &Artist, is an Olympic fencing champion in Tokyo but also a committedphotographer; the Parkour series, with the Wizzy Gang, plunges us into thisgroup of friends from Rennes specialized in parkour who decided to write theiryouthful memories by jumping from city rooftops and performing extreme figuresin unusual places; finally I recently started a series on Freediving, topresent this emerging practice that allows the connection with the sea bed, thesearch for another world and another self.

Now 29, Ilive between Paris, Marseille and Bordeaux and work in France and around theworld.

My work has been published in :
L'Equipe Magazine, ELLE Magazine, Paris Match, Le Parisien, Le Figaro, Le Nouvel Obs, Vsd, Photo, Courrier International, Challenge, La Grenouille à Grande Bouche, Moto Magazine, Sciences & Vie, Challenge, Marianne, AAP - All About Photo Magazine.

Among my clients :
LVMH, AXA, Mazda France, Groupe Bertrand, A.S.O. (Tour de France), ATOL, Jardiland, Fusalp, IDEAT Editions, Dassault Aviation, Légende Films, Oris, Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, Rime Arodaky, SPOK, Vins de Bordeaux (CIVB).

2016 - South American Faces, El Grito | Médiathèque de Suresnes & Café de la Presse (Paris)
2018 - Les Routes Mythiques | Salon de la Moto (Paris)
2020 - Black Lives Matter | Maison Nomade (Paris)
2021 - Sunburn | Little Big Galerie
2022 - A Kirghize Life | WIP

2020 - Particular Merit Award - Travel  | ALL ABOUT PHOTO MAGAZINE
2021 - Coup de Cœur ANI x PixTrakk | VISA POUR L'IMAGE
2021 - Lauréat Prix Découverte Arcachon 2021 

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