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On the tracks of Che Guevara in South America, Théo Saffroy leads in 2016 a photographic project around pre-Hispanic communities. After 8 months and 25,000 km on a motorcycle (Royal Enfield Classic), he returned to France with the need to tell the stories of our world.

He then devoted himself to documentary photography, "a burning but more alive path", where adventure meets reflection. Theo is interested in singular lifestyles, explores culture and sports, to propose a positive and inclusive look at our world: "the passion of humans is an inspiration without limits. Athletes are wonderful indicators of our society. Window of a culture, its traditions their pragmatism is refreshing and their investment sincere".
For 5 years, he has been immersing himself in the world to meet them: the kok-boru riders in Kyrgyzstan, Lucha Libre feminine wrestlers in Mexico, the Man with the Golden Arm in the United Arab Emirates.

His photographic writing is defined by a rather pictorial, offbeat, and colorful style. Today, at the age of 30, Theo alternates between commissioned work and personal projects. 
He regularly collaborates with L'EQUIPE MAGAZINE and PARIS MATCH. He is regularly published in the French and international press: ELLE Magazine, Fisheye, Animan, Alpes Magazine, PHOTO, Courrier International, Challenge, La Grenouille à Grande Bouche, Moto Magazine, Sciences & Vie, Challenge, etc.)

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Among his clients :
LVMH, AXA, Mazda France, Groupe Bertrand, A.S.O. (Tour de France), ATOL, Jardiland, Fusalp, IDEAT Editions, Dassault Aviation, Légende Films, Oris, Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque, Rime Arodaky, SPOK, Vins de Bordeaux (CIVB).

2016 - South American Faces, El Grito | Médiathèque de Suresnes & Café de la Presse (Paris)
2018 - Les Routes Mythiques | Salon de la Moto (Paris)
2020 - Black Lives Matter | Maison Nomade (Paris)
2021 - Sunburn | Little Big Galerie
2022 - A Kirghize Life | WIP

2020 - Particular Merit Award - Travel  | ALL ABOUT PHOTO MAGAZINE
2021 - Coup de Cœur ANI x PixTrakk | VISA POUR L'IMAGE
2021 - Lauréat Prix Découverte Arcachon 2021 

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